Tuesday, December 30, 2014



The blue of the sky contrasts with the lush green grass.. I breathe. The memory of a faraway sea is carried on the wings of the wind.. The smell of algae and dark green beings submerged under the water.. The water is all kinds of blue, all kinds of aquamarine.. The sea overwhelms my soul, even with its promise.

Lush green leaves flutter like birds' wings in the breeze. I breathe. The breeze is much cooler than I expected, and it washes over me. Almost like swimming in cold water, I walk through the cool, cool breeze. The coolness invigorates my mind. I fill my whole chest with this blue air, feeling my soul more and more grounded with each breath. I breathe.

The wind plays with my hair. The wind teases me. I smile. I lift my gaze to the horizon, where the blue of the water disappears in the blue of the sky. I can never know where the water ends and the sky begins. I breathe.

Seagulls circle in the air, languidly, deliberately. In the white tips of their wings, they hide rays of sunlight. As they ride the cool currents of the breeze, I breathe.

The white puffiness of the huge clouds contrasts with the deep blue of the sky. The memories flock to my mind like hasty, small birds. I am flooded with the cool waves of all the days past. I shiver.

I am lost in deep summer, and I don't know where I end and the blue begins.

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