Sunday, March 2, 2008

Max Weber Beyefendiye

Sehr geehrte Herr Weber

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism adındaki değerli kitabınızda aşağıdakine benzer paragraflardan oluşan bölümler yazmışsınız. Ben de bunları okuyup anlamak zorundayım. Biz aciz okuyucularınıza hiç acımadınız mı Herr Weber? 'Belki bir gün bu yazdıklarımı okuyup anlamaya çalışanlar çıkar' diye hiç geçmedi mi aklınızdan?

"Such an historical concept, however, since it refers in its content to a phenomenon significant for its unique individuality, cannot be defined according to the formula genus proximum, differentia specifica, but it must be gradually put together out of the individual parts which are taken from historical reality to make it up. Thus the final and definitive concept cannot stand at the beginning of the investigation, but must come at the end. We must, in other words, work out in the course discussion, as its most important result, the best conceptual formulation of what we here understand by the spirit of capitalism, that is the best from the point of view which interests us here. This point of view (the one of which we shall speak later) is, further, by no means the only possible one from which the historical phenomena we are investigating can be analyzed. Other standpoints would, for this as for every historical phenomenon, yield other characteristics as the essential ones."

Max Weber, The Protestant Ethic and the Rise of Capitalism, Sayfa 48

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